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3 Billion SSM Calls in a Month: The hidden cost of using secrets backend in airflow, if not used correctly.

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Adjusting the search space to reach the target quickly


  1. Initialize the search space (start and end)
  2. Find Mid of the search space
  3. Discard/select one half based on the specific condition
  4. Update the search space
  5. Break the loop once search space narrowed to a single element

Pay special attention to the following:

  1. Start with all search space
  2. Decide on loop break condition. ( start < end vs start ≤ end vs start +1 < right)
  3. Correctly identify the condition to reduce search space. …

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Access files stored in S3 as a regular table in Snowflake

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Execute python code in lambda as external function in Snowflake

Solution Overview

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How to use Pass, Continue, Break in Python

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SSM Run command on multiple hosts in parallel without SSH

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253. Meeting Rooms II

Given an array of meeting time intervals intervals where intervals[i] = [starti, endi], return the minimum number of conference rooms required.

Input: intervals = [[9,10],[4,9],[5,17]]
Output: 2


We need to find how many concurrent meetings are happening. Once we have that info we can find the no of meeting rooms required. To find the concurrent meetings at any given time we need to know how many meetings’ start and end time covers that.

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150. Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation

Evaluate the value of an arithmetic expression in Reverse Polish Notation.


Input: tokens = ["2","1","+","3","*"]
Output: 9
Explanation: ((2 + 1) * 3) = 9

Understanding the problem:

From the above example, we understand that the last two elements become operand whenever we encounter an operator. Also, once we have computed the…

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